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what does the new 14 day quarantine mean for my holiday ?

.if you arrived back from a holiday and it does include holidays you will be asked to quarantine for 14 days this does include ferries and trains if you come back on the Eurostar or you take a ferry back from Bilbao also 14 days what it doesn’t include is France or the Republic of Ireland so arrivals back from those countries will be excluded.however it is worth saying that you cannot travel to France or Ireland at the moment unless you’re undertaking essential travel and Ireland also has a 14-day quarantine period so while it does look like those are the two countries we will be able to holiday in first it’s not exactly clear how that will work just yet quite abruptly what.
can i get a refund for my ticket now ryanair is restarting flights
it means is you probably won’t get a refund if you have booked on these flights so Ryan out has said flights will start again on the 1st of July that is 40% of flights on 9 in 10 routes .however given the UK government has said that domestic tourism cannot start until the 4th of July at the earliest it’s very difficult to see how we will be getting on those planes. three things need to happen we need the non-essential travel back in the UK to be lifted so you can go to the airport you need to be allowed into the country that you’re flying to and many countries have banned the entry of UK nationals and when you do return you will have to quarantine for 14 days as well that simply makes most holidays impractical .unfortunately ,if Ryanair does fly those planes and youhave booked a ticket on them and you won’t be able to get a refund so what this light is likely to mean there’s lots of people who booked very expensive summer holiday tickets many months ago are now unable to get their money back.
will travel be allowed in june -july ?

so the government has been very clear on when we can travel in the UK it has said the earliest that it will start reopening many accommodation facilities is the 4th of July’s and before that we shouldn’t be travelling and for holidays anywhere in the United Kingdom ,so there is some hope that after the 4th of July all being well we may be able to take some domestic holidays. domestic holidays are almost certainly going to be the first to return so that doesn’t mean foreign holidays are going to be after that it is very difficult to see us traveling abroad for our summer holidays in June or July at the moment the major holiday companies have cancelled their package holidays until around the middle of June if you do have a package holiday and you’re wondering what’s going to happen the crucial advice is for you not to cancel you must wait for the company to cancel instead that’s the only way to get your money back. so the moment if you’re looking at late June looking at late July you’ve got a holiday booked you don’t think you want to go don’t cancel wait for the holiday company tocancel on you so one of the most common.
what if haven’t finished paying for my holiday in full yet ?

questions are getting in the moment is around those holiday balances people who’ve paid deposit should they continue paying it is a really difficult decision that you face and really depends on how much of a deposit me you’ve put down versus how much of a balance you still need to pay what I can tell you is if you have booked a package holiday and you don’t pay the balance you will lose the deposits there is no way to get that back travel insurance won’t help either. and if it deposits small he might take the view that you know I’ll just write. that off many people who the deposit isn’t small nor is the balance that they need to pay and some holiday companies will allow you to defer slightly so if the balance due date is coming up very soon and the best advice is to contact the holding company and ask them if you can defer. otherwise my advice is to pay otherwise you will lose all of that positive money.
i’m still struggling to get a refund my cancelled trip. what should i do ?

you will join the many thousands of us that are struggling myself included to get these refunds and things are improving I should say so we have heard from more customers who are starting to see their money come through depending on the holding company that you are with so there is a little bit of daylight holding companies seem to have got the message from the government and that they are going to have to make these payments the weights are still long I should be honest with you and most people still haven’t got their money back but it does seem to be some movement so there is some hope that you will get that cash back also we are hearing more and more positive reports of customers and making successful claims on their card so using something called section 75 or a chargeback for a debit card and saying to the card provider can you help me get my money back from the airline or the holiday company so still long waits on the call center sending emails trying to get that cash back but there is a little bit of daylight it is starting to happen.

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