Important information before traveling to Thailand you should know

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When you go on an independent trip to a country there are rules, an etiquette. Anyone who thinks they know everything, may have nothing to do on this page. But believe me, it is always useful to take note of certain specific etiquette because what may be logical for you is not necessarily so for another traveler. From my Laotian origins I know that Thailand has some points in common with Laos what are they? And why Thailand attracts so many travelers? I have compiled my experience and my research in this article in order to provide some answers.

1 / No shoes
Take off your shoes before entering houses and temples. Why ? It is thus, it is customary to do so to avoid dirtying the house. It may be logical for you but I know that in France, the French do not all take off their shoes. Anyway when I go to my parents, it is customary to do it, my father is Cambodian and my mother is Laotian. When I go to my Laotian aunt’s, I also take my shoes off.

2 / The feet
The feet are considered to be the dirtiest parts of the anatomy, which is why you should not put your feet in front of a Buddha statue or point someone with your feet. How many times my mother corrected me when I was sitting incorrectly at the pagoda or at home because my feet were pointing to my grandmother. So don’t point with your feet.

3 / In the temples
In temples, in the presence of monks, make sure you are always seated (for women) at a lower level than them. Out of habit when I meet a Buddhist monk in France or in South East Asia, I tilt my head slightly forward. ^^

4 / No topless
My ladies, whether you have a pretty chest or not, don’t show this part of your anatomy on the beaches. In Thailand we are modest! You don’t normally show your breasts in public. Could there be Thai beaches where nobody would mind? Thai people who would benefit from watching Western tourists, of course, but don’t.
5 / The head
You don’t touch another person’s head.
The head is sacred. It is not done to touch the head of another or a child, even less if you are a woman and you touch the head of a Buddhist monk.

6 / We cover ourselves
We don’t show her legs or her bare shoulders in the temples. We cover our legs with long pants and we cover our shoulders.
A little « attire » in the temples does not hurt.
7 / The royal family and the King
We don’t criticize the royal family
You shouldn’t criticize the King or the Thai royal family or you risk going to jail. I’m not kidding.

8 / The tone
We do not raise our voice with the local population, getting angry in public is frowned upon.
I have already met angry Thai people but they are rare to show it in public compared to French people in France.
9 / Scams
I haven’t visited Thailand other than Bangkok to tell you about scams. According to travel guides, we are advised not to buy precious stones in Thailand because they would not be charged at exorbitant prices. Otherwise, I myself was already a « victim » of a scam in Bangkok the first time when the tuk tuk driver had voluntarily doubled the price of the race …
10/ Thai cuisine
Often very spicy but delicious Thai cuisine … It is rich in flavors and above all varied. The great thing about Thailand is that you can taste all kinds of fruits and vegetables. There are so many culinary specialties depending on the region. The well-chosen quality ingredients to which we add spices whose names we do not always know will not make you forget your dish so much that it is good. As Jennifer D. would say « Thailand, a foodie paradise » and there is really food everywhere.
11/ L’Eastern and oriental express

Savez-vous que ce fameux train de luxe accomplit l’un des plus beaux voyages ferroviaires d’Asie ? En partant de Singapour et en passant par la Malaisie, vous arrivez ensuite en Thaïlande. Au programme paysage à couper le souffle parmi les rizières, les champs de thé, les marchés, les villages et les grandes villes.

12/ Gays, lesbiennes, transsexuels

A Bangkok, j’ai vu des couples de thaïlandaises dans la rue « tom boy » assez masculines, des gays éféminés et des lady boy ou « kathoey » des transsexuels qui ont changé de sexe ou qui sont travestis en femme. Ce n’est pas le carnaval, juste que les lady boys sont tolérés en Thaïlande. Cool non ?

13/ Heures

Décalage horaire
Comptez +6h par rapport à la France. (5h en été) Fuseau horaire : Indochina Time Asia/Bangkok

14/ A 8h et 18h

Tout le monde arrête ce qu’il est en train de faire car l’hymne national retentit.
Dans les administrations, les gares, à la télévision thaïe c’est à ces heures là que retentit l’hymne national. A ce moment, quand la musique commence tout le monde s’arrête et se tient droit. La première fois que j’ai vu ça je n’avais pas compris par respect pour les thaïlandais je m’étais également arrêtée.

15/ Pas de colonisation…

La Thaïlande est le seul pays d’Asie du Sud-Est qui n’a pas été colonisé par les Européens mais colonisé par le Japon au début du XXème siècle.

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