What is the best time of year to visit Paris?


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Have you always wanted to visit Paris? Yes, but when ? Are you flexible on dates? So much the better! One of the peculiarities of Paris is that it is a good place to live throughout the year, and that each season has its own charm. Here we will do a little inventory month by month to help you choose when to come to Paris.

To start the year off right, you can take advantage of the low tourist season. Since there are only a few visitors, it is one of the best times of the year to take advantage of low prices in hotels but also for plane tickets.

As for the activities that we can do in Paris in January, that’s not missing! The start of the year marks the return of Fashion Week to the capital. If, like many others, you are not invited, you can still see the excitement of fashion week. And in order to compete with the style of top models and celebrities, you can take advantage of good deals with the winter sales starting in mid-January.
This is a period during which it is obviously cold: it averages 3 ° C during the month of January. In Paris in winter, the weather is rather humid and rainy, and sometimes even snowy. You will need to cover yourself well and provide waterproof shoes and coats to fully appreciate your visit. To warm up, you can make a few visits to the museums which are heated in winter. Otherwise, why not stop at a café to enjoy a good hot drink like a good coffee or hot chocolate with a piece of Galette des rois for the epiphany?

Or, you can taste (or discover) French winter specialties such as the Savoyard fondue or even a raclette. They will allow you to fill your stomach and forget the ambient freshness.

Public holiday :
New Years Day, January 1
Main events in January:
Fashion week
Epiphany, early January

In February, as in January, you will be able to benefit from better prices for hotels, apartment hotels, apartments, and also for air tickets than during sunny days.

Indeed, the average temperature is around 2 ° C, and as for nights and mornings, they are often subscribed to negative temperatures. This is one of the reasons why, unlike what you will experience during the peak tourist season, you will be able to walk around and visit tourist spots without being constantly surrounded by many tourists.

A stay in Paris in February is rather synonymous with a quieter stay which will allow you to visit the city at your own pace.

It should also not be forgotten that February is Valentine’s Day, and that Paris is the city of lovers. Couples will be able to enjoy the beauty of the city of lights but also great deals offered by many restaurants and events organized for Valentine’s Day. Confectioners and confectioners also celebrate the feast of lovers, which will allow you to taste lots of chocolates, confectionery and pastries made for the occasion.
For singles, families or simply those who do not celebrate Valentine’s Day, you can simply enjoy the winter pleasures of Paris. Eat and have a coffee on a heated terrace in the middle of winter, or celebrate Candlemas on February 2 by eating pancakes with a glass of cider.

Main events in February:
Candlemas, February 2
Valentine’s Day, February 14
Chinese New Year, in January or February
Mardi gras, in February or March (47 days before Easter)

For those who enjoy spending time outside but want to avoid the busy tourist season, March is a good choice for visiting the capital. There are more tourists than in previous months, and accommodation rates are starting to rise, but it is nice to discover Paris when nature wakes up.

The temperatures (around 8 ° C) are not yet summer but they will allow you to participate in some outdoor activities.
Sports events are also organized. Running fans will be thrilled with the organization of the Half Marathon at the Bois de Vincennes, which is then followed by the Paris Marathon. And finally for Sunday runners who like to have fun, the Color Run, a 5km race, will allow them to run and party in color.

Now that there are no more frosts on the roads, it’s time to get back on your bike to tour the city while avoiding the rush of the metro. In addition, the city provides a Vélib ‘service throughout Paris, 24 hours a day, at a reasonable price (€ 5 for the 24-hour subscription, first 30 minutes free, € 1 for each additional half hour, € 2 the 2 additional half-hours), so why not take advantage of it?
For those who find it still a little too cool to spend time outside, you can favor indoor activities and why not spend an artistic March. The museums are not yet fully booked, this is a good time for cultural visits.

Main events in March:
Paris Half Marathon
Paris Marathon
Color run

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