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5 things to do before your next trip abroad

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You are impatient to go to this exotic place for your next vacation, but to spend a carefree moment, it is wise to invest a little time in advance to make sure you cover your bases and prepare your trip for the stranger. Follow this short checklist to make sure you’ve thought of everything before you travel abroad and that your travel plans go smoothly.

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1. Make sure your passport and visa are up to date

Most countries require that your passport be valid for six months after the return date. Check the expiration date of your passport now and, if you need to renew it. Allow up to six weeks for the passport application to be processed. Country information provides important information about your destination, including if you need a visa and where to get it, as well as other information about crime, special circumstances, medical information, etc. If you plan to rent a car or drive to your destination, determine if an international driver’s license is required or if your French license is sufficient.

2. Check travel warnings and advisoriesCheck whether the French government has issued a travel warning for countries where long-term problems create a risky environment for travelers, or a travel alert for countries with short-term conditions that may pose a threat to travelers and for your destination. Many travel insurance policies do not cover travel to these countries under.

3. Get vaccinated and follow prescriptions
Visit the website of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control for health information and vaccination requirements for your destination. For maximum protection, you must receive the required vaccines six weeks before departure. If you are traveling to a country where the disease is rife, consult a travel medicine professional. The site is also a good source of information on health risks associated with the consumption of water and food, over-the-counter items to take away, and other health tips.

When you travel, bring photocopies of your prescriptions, packaged separately from your medication, and note the name of the generic medication. Always pack your medication, in their medication bottles, in your hand luggage. If you need to use syringes, make sure you have a letter from your doctor. Always declare syringes before going through security.

Take more medicine with you than necessary for the duration of your trip, as it can be difficult to get your prescription abroad.

4. Take out travel insurance
It is likely that your health insurance does not cover you when traveling abroad. Depending on your destination, consider purchasing medical evacuation and emergency medical insurance. In addition, if your trip requires a large deposit or is booked several months in advance, trip cancellation and interruption insurance can offer valuable protection against the unexpected.

5. Pack your luggage carefully
In addition to the necessary electronics, do not bring valuables with you. Expensive jewelry could attract expert thieves to target tourists. If you bring valuables, always travel with them in your hand luggage and keep them in the hotel safe. Before you leave, empty your wallet of unnecessary things, such as credit cards that you do not plan to use during your trip. If you wear glasses, bring an extra pair.

Use closed luggage tags to label each bag. Put your name, address and phone number inside and outside your luggage.

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